Join our founder, Nakia Cullain at our base in Závora to learn about all the ground-breaking work that she, and the Marine Megafauna Foundation (MMF), are doing along the Mozambican coastline. This expedition is designed for those that want to learn about marine conservation and improve their scuba diving skills, while also getting a true cultural experience in rural Mozambique. Known for its remoteness, diving in Závora is still in its infancy, offering you the unique opportunity to explore a marine ecosystem with little human impact and where much of the reef is still yet to be explored.

It is also one of the last places in Mozambique where manta rays can still be found in high abundance, giving you a chance to support the critical research being done on the species. During your time in Závora, you will learn about manta rays, sharks, humpback whales, and nudibranchs from our experts, and get to participate in the photo-identification and cataloging of these species.

What you can expect to learn and experience while in Závora:

The MAR Expeditions team is working on groundbreaking projects and conducting crucial monitoring research. During your stay at the Závora research lab you can expect to get hands on experience in the following fields.

What’s Included?

  • All dives and dive gear hire
  • Transfers from Inhambane or Inharrime to Závora
  • Accommodation (self-catering)
  • Lectures and guidance from our marine biologists
  • Field trip to Tofo/Barra (2 nights/2 days)
  • Pre-departure assistance

More about our Founder:

Our lead scientist is Nakia Cullain, founder of MAR Expeditions. She is a PhD candidate at Dalhousie University and a researcher/lab manager for the Marine Megafauna Foundation. While in Závora, you will learn about her research (mostly on manta rays!) and she will teach you the joys and challenges of working in marine conservation in rural Africa.