Expectations and responsibilities

expectations and responsibilities - marine science internship

Interns will be joining dedicated scientists who are conducting accredited research projects important for Mozambique and for science in general. These projects demand a level of dedication to the scientific and practical responsibilities from the participants. The demands are well within the capabilities of students, and while challenging, are equally enjoyable and exciting.

Interns taking part in MAR’s marine biology internship can expect to get practical and theoretical training in data collection, sampling and identification techniques.

Assistance and supervision are provided for the duration of interns’ stay, however interns are ultimately expected to work independently in order to achieve their personal goals and the objectives of the research project.

The internship program is an opportunity to contribute meaningfully to exciting marine research and conservation projects, as well as experience the achievements associated with ambitious and challenging marine research in Africa.

Tasks and duties

  • Underwater photo identification of manta rays, whale sharks, leopard shark, smalleye stingrays, and turtles
  • Humpback whale land-based survey and photo ID (June to October)
  • Predatory fish surveys
  • Baited underwater video (BRUV) deployment and video analysis
  • Nudibranch (sea slug) search per time
  • Nudibranch quadrat
  • Field research organization
  • Fish survey at Rio Saiñas Wreck
  • Photo quadrat at Rio Saiñas Wreck
  • Seahorse Monitoring Program (data collection and monthly report)
  • Turtle patrolling and monitoring (November to March)
  • Data entry and database management
  • Educational activities including:
    • Activities with kids from the local community
    • Public talks
    • Underwater clean-up
    • Beach cleaning
    • Workshops (e.g. recycling)