MAR Expeditions was developed to provide a world-class opportunity for aspiring scientists, passionate conservationists and naturalists to gain scientific scuba diving/ free diving experience, support research, and learn the beauties and challenges of working in marine conservation in Africa.

Photo (c) Dray van Beeck (Závora, 2013)

During an expedition, you can expect to have experiences with manta rays, sharks, humpback whales, nudibranchs, seahorses, and much more. The east coast of southern Africa has an incredible amount of biodiversity and offers the opportunity to experience these unique and charismatic species in some of the most beautiful and wild places along the coastline. Depending on your choice of expedition, you may find yourself starting your journey in the beautiful kelp forests of Cape Town and ending at our base in Závora, Mozambique; or maybe starting in Závora and making your way down to the famous Sardine Run (with lots of adventure along the way)! No matter what you choose, all of our expeditions are educational, eco-conscious, and led by experts in the field.